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  • Apr 03, 2004:

    • Almost been a year since I last updated this. Last year has been harsh so I didn't have time to work on my projects. Things are looking up now and with work started again on my campaign, I've started work on nwndynlib again. It's progressing nicely. Hopefully this time I can keep it up.-- Eyrdan
  • Apr 27, 2003:

    • Finished moving. Things have been busy on the OpenKnights front which has kinda kept me away from nwndynlib. However, with the BioWare database beta testing, I am back to working on my campaign, which is relying on nwndynlib, so work has picked up again. I won't put a date on release 1.1, but it should be soon, as what is needed is documentation and a nice package of default example libraries.-- Eyrdan
    • On another note, someone has written a python script for generating dynamic libraries. It can be found here: http://www.users.bigpond.net.au/jlehmann/nwn/. -- Eyrdan
  • Mar 12, 2003:

    • Things have been difficult for me lately. Several things have popped up in my personal life and I haven't had the time to give any time to this project. I'm moving soon, so I will delay all my efforts to after the move.-- Eyrdan
  • Feb 15, 2003:

    • I did a minor update to the CVS version. The API will not be changed further for release 1.1. Also finished my optimizing and testing of the converted BioWare libraries. I'll release the final version once the documentation is done. Right now my focus is on the possibility of writing an application to perform on-the-fly dynamic conversion to libraries. -- Eyrdan
  • Feb 11, 2003:

    • Implementation of 1.1 is done. Right now I'm testing converted BioWare libraries and optimizing them for better speed. I will get started on the documentation when I'm done, and the release should be out shortly after. -- Eyrdan
  • Feb 8, 2003:

    • So had a long day, watched a crappy movie, coded a lot. I added a lot to the API from the comments and discussions I've had. I have to announce that I will have to give up the idea of the 1.0.1 release and go straight to 1.1. 1.0 was really just alpha-quality code. It may have worked OK and was a nice proof-of-concept, but it was very limiting and had serious performance and memory problems. 1.1 will actually provide MORE functionality while still becoming more efficient, not to mention a whole lot less wasteful and risky in memory. However, it will not be compatible with 1.0 as 1.0.1 was meant to be. I think the code is close to completion, but I need to do some testing and rewrite a lot of the documention. -- Eyrdan
    • On another note, a bit off-topic, I noticed I got a hit coming from something called The Narfell Campaign. I don't really know what this is about, as it required a login ID to view, so I'm a bit curious. It's the first time something I was totally unaware of linked to my web page. -- Eyrdan
  • Jan 28, 2003:

    • Migrating to SF!
      Due to the amount of hits I'm getting on my Tripod website, I'm moving the project here for better management. This will also eliminate the popups, and give better tools to users for feedback. -- Eyrdan
  • Jan 27, 2003:

    • It's been a day since I made this public, and I already have over 50 listed downloads on NWVault and my thread on BioWare's website has over 200 views, so it's encouraging to keep working on this. I've recieved one testimonial from Vendolin who basically cut his module down to about half the size and built it in a bit more than a third of the time, a very nice improvement IMHO. He also mentioned that he did a test run of the module and encountered no issues. This is encouraging, but I won't claim yet that it is bug-free, shoot me if I ever claim that. This said, I think I'm gonna start looking into making an easy to use converter to change static libraries into dynamic ones, because I was about to try converting HCR and it was a bit intimidating from its sheer size. -- Eyrdan
    • I applied for project hosting at SourceForge.net. This will make it easier for me to manage the development (tracking bugs, documentation, revision management, forums, etc.). -- Eyrdan
  • Jan 26, 2003:

    • First version of the API is available for download in the download section. -- Eyrdan
  • Jan 25, 2003:

    • I just created this site as a home page for my development of the dynamic library API. Current site content is very limited, but as time passed I'll put up more documentation and ideas on here. -- Eyrdan

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Last updated on Apr 03, 2004.